About Us


AMIT International Group (AIG) is synonymous with four decades of heritage, excellence, ambition, integrity and determination. Founded and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates since 1981, AIG has navigated through intense tides of challenges and growth by its founding father, Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Ibrahim – a veteran Sea-Captain.

Today, with 40 years of glorious existence and with global footprints across Middle East and Southern Asia, AIG continues to be the region’s leading enterprise for modern marine and land technologies. With a humble beginning to cater to the burgeoning demand for modern marine equipment in the region with a strong maritime tradition, AIG has formed many successful milestones along its journey.

Established in 2015, AMIT GPS & Navigation LLP is the group’s retail and distribution operations in India, with offices in Delhi and Mumbai. Partnering with globally renowned brands and showcasing a wide array of innovative products across marine, navigation, fitness and outdoor recreation, AMIT GPS & Navigation has always played a pivotal role of the Group’s progression in providing superior and bespoke solutions and services to its customers, whilst developing new opportunities for expansion across versatile client portfolio.